Founded in Lessines, the birthplace of René Magritte, The Ultimate Dreamers are emerging from a very long slumber in 2021. Somewhere between cold wave and post-punk, their organic sounds blend into melancholic melodies that set the scene for themes dominated by dreams, the distress of love and social disillusionment.

Live Happily While Waiting For Death, a compilation of home-made demos is released in September 2021 (Wool-E Discs). The magic is back and the quartet unveils the single "Polarized / I Loved You?!" in September 2022. This was followed by the album Echoing Reverie, released on CD in March 2023 (Spleen+) and on vinyl in May 2023 (Wave Tension Records). The album, produced by Len Lemeire (Anne Clark, 32Crash, Implant...) is unanimously acclaimed by the international press, and enabled the band to play extensively in Belgium, in France and in Germany. In October 2023, Echoing Reverie is extended by Violent Ghost, an EP featuring alternative versions and remixes by Front 242, Shad Shadows and hørd.

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The Ultimate Dreamers are supported by Art & Vie / Programme Rock (Wallonie-Bruxelles federation) - code star: 13788