The Ultimate Dreamers are a post-punk / cold wave band conceived in Lessines (Belgium), birthplace of René Magritte. Their frigid, organic tones tainted with melancholy melodies maybe catchy, maybe verging on the dissonant, serve as a backdrop for themes dominated by raw dreams, distressed love and social criticism. 

Live Happily While Waiting For Death, compiling remastered self-produced demos recorded in the late 80's, is released in September 2021 by Wool-E Discs / Dans Les Profondeurs. The magic is back. The Ultimate Dreamers, are reverie no more. Bertrand (guitar), Frédéric (vocals, programming), Joël (bass) and Sandrine (keyboards, cello), now based in Brussels, write and record new songs. 

The single "Polarized/I Loved You?!" is released in September/October 2022 and is followed in March and May 2023 by the album Echoing Reverie on Spleen+/Alfa Matrix and Wave Tension Records.

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