Atomium Magazine 1/12/2021 [article]
Cold wave band Ultimate Dreamers released the album "Live Happily While Waiting For Death"The album compiles demos made between 1986 and 1990.The Ultimate Dreamers is a post-punk / cold wave band from Brussels (in the city of Lessines) that worked on some demos between 1986 and 1990. The band was influenced by Belgian cold wave and British post-punk. His music is a mixture of cold and organic tones tinged with melancholic melodies, sometimes catchy, sometimes bordering on dissonant, which serve as a backdrop for themes dominated by raw dreams, old loves and social criticism. Between 1986 and 1990, they wrote and recorded numerous tracks at home before their final break.The story goes that his vocalist (Frédéric Cotton) was cleaning his house and found an old model. He made a Facebook post about the find and quickly received a pitch proposal after hearing restoration. This made the recordings resurface and were brought to the ear of the Wool-E Discs record label, from which an album offering immediately emerged. Eleven tracks were resurrected under the title of "Live Happily while Waiting For Death" and was released on September 26, 2021. The band is also organizing a tour and organizing festivals.
Atomium Magazine
Peek-A-Boo Magazine 25/11/2021 [review]
Mid 1980s, Lessen, a peaceful town just across the language border in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Once the city of surrealistic artist René Magritte and poet/writer Louis Scuteniare, at that time a musical desert. Until three friends, Frédéric (vocals), Joël (keyboards) and Laurent (bass guitar) start as a cold wave and post-punk inspired musical trio, which would later grow into a five-headed line-up. Their cold chilly wave and post-punk tunes serve as a musical background for themes and lyrics dominated by dreams, amorous fear and social criticism. In 1988, while Frédéric armed himself with a guitar and Laurent switched to drums, the group was completed with Bertrand (bass) and Stéphane (keyboards). The sound became a little more rough and solid with these musical changes. In 1990 The Ultimate Dreamers fell into a (very long) sleep while dozens of songs, that had been traditionally recorded on cassette, remained unused in the closet.Until they were discovered again, during the Covid pandemic, underneath a thick layer of dust, by Dimitri Van Cauveren, the man behind Wool-E Discs. The result: eleven songs were released as an album named 'Live Happily While Waiting For Death'.'I Love You' was the single that preceded the album. Angular eighties synths and drum sounds. Not too sophisticated. And why should it be? Rough diamonds belong to this time of year.The sound The Ultimate Dreamers represent clearly refers to the eighties. Instrumentally and vocally unpolished. True and sincere. From the minimal wave sound like on 'Never Die', to the more raw post-punk sounding 'I Hate You!'. Or as in 'A Long Time Ago', where a razor-sharp bass-line and screaming guitars take over.We also get some cold-wave with The Doors-ish synth parts in 'Laughing Furniture'.This eighties cold-wave and postpunk sound gets an even bigger boost with 'No Matter' making it sound so wonderfully "vintage". Too bad it was kept from us, like an elephant pregnancy, for over 30 years. Luckily gynecologist on duty, Wool-E-Discs, proved skillfully worthy and delivered us 'Live Happily While Waiting For Death'.
Peek-A-Boo Magazine
Gonzo Circus 17/11/2021 [article]
The Ultimate Dreamers must be the best kept (read: totally unknown) musical secret in the national wave history. One of the biggest surprise of the evening. The trio from Lessines, Hainaut, only existed for a short time (between 1986 and 1990 to be precise) and didn't get any further than a demo tape. After years of gathering dust, that cassette was recently dug up, polished, supplemented with bonus tracks and released on Dans Les Profondeurs, the archive sub-label of Wool-E Discs. 'Live Happily While Waiting For Death' – the title delivers on what it promises – evokes the dark 1980s with a sound that evokes memories of the cold wave of the French Asylum Party of Trisomy 21; and Factory Records stars like Section 25 and Joy Division.
Gonzo Circus
Gonzo Circus November-December 2021 [review]
With darkwave from The Ultimate Dreamers we are already entering a completely unknown territory. This trio from Lessines was active from 1986 to 1990, made a demo cassette and died out in silence. At least, until the demo was heard retroactively by the ubiquitous label boss of Dans Les Profondeurs, who had it polished up along with ten bonus tracks, and thus now gives it a second life. That the beautiful cover photo is the cemetery gate of Lessines says something about the content: 'Japanese Death', 'Never Die', 'Don't Pray For Us', and so on. The gloomy zeitgeist of the 1980s is combined with an equally fatalistic view of love. Keyboard-driven post-punk, with Joy Division basslines in the style of Section 25 or Asylum Party, but the surprising 'I Love You?!' might as well belong to John Maus. Due to the complete obscurity, and the fact that it is sometimes still audible that we are dealing with a restored, ancient cassette, this is a wonderful discovery for the coldwave fan. As a matter of fact, the group has awakened from a long hibernation after the return, with two thirds of the original line-up.
Gonzo Circus
Sonic Seducer November 2021 [interview]
Sonic Seducer November 2021 [review]
Deliberately bumpy and dragged, the band from the vicinity of the European capital to Belgium aims pretty precisely at the sound that their somewhat more southern neighbors (Trisomie 21) were able to make their trademark around 30 years ago. Deeply melancholy barrel organ sounds are paired with a lapidary, cold beat - the spiral leads to where the sun only shines, only to dazzle now and then. So it is hardly surprising that The Ultimate Dreamers are a consortium that has reactivated - after around 30 years - and thus old hands, so to speak. So - da capo, on the basis of these eleven songs that have now been performed here, pictures emerge that conjure up a time that reflects the sadness of an industrial-urban time before gentrification. Barrens, unemployment, ruin. And yet a togetherness that defies neoliberalism to this day. In keeping with the album title. In view of this, it is comforting that we will all soon bite the grass. If extremely nostalgic music then tastes the way this euphoric, grieving music sounds, we no longer need to be ashamed of our fears of what will come here, there or then. Love it - or die!
Sonic Seducer
Musiczine 26/10/2021 [review]
The new album by The Ultimate Dreamers contains songs composed between 1986 and 1990. They were founded in 1986 in Lessines. In 1990 they recorded songs and put them on a C-60 (cassette) as a reference book of their existence. During the covid, Fred Cotton cleaned up his house and found some of those recordings. The ball started rolling when Wool-E heard it. He thought there was some bread in it and so we get an LP with 11 songs. On the CD version you get another 10 bonus tracks.Musically, the title sums up the music completely: gloomy and cold with monotonous vocals. It doesn't have to be boring or beautiful. The songs on the C-60 have been restored and polished, but the quality sometimes differs a bit. Nevertheless, everything remains pleasant to listen to.We hear 80s synths, a post-punk bass and guitar.Opener “I Love You” is uptempo with catchy synths just like “Female Zone” by the way. On “Japanese Death” we get a Japanese-like synth line. The best songs in my opinion include “Funeral Waltz” (atmospheric basis throughout the song), the heavy “Is This Hate?!” and “Long Time Ago” with its guitar and bass somewhere between Red Zebra and New Order. Also “Laughing Furniture” is musically fascinating but a bit of a shame about the sometimes dissonant vocals. Closing valve "S' Envoler" is long and nicely built.I suspect that the order of the songs also follows the timeline of recordings. The first half contains synth-oriented tracks while the second half includes the guitar. This album contains some nice songs that typically sound like the wave from the 80's. Fans of this will certainly enjoy this.I've also thought several times: if this had been re-recorded and the vocals improved, this would have been even more attractive and the strength of the songs would come into their own even better. On the other hand, this was what most bands had to do in the 80s. A fine release.
Dark Entries 14/10/2021 [review]
The 80s are a gold mine for those who love wave and electro. The big names are many, but there are many smaller names that the collector also likes to add to his record collection. And so you immediately know who is the target group for this record by The Ultimate Dreamers, a group from the 80s that is only now coming out with a record.To be honest it takes the longest, so let me immediately admit that I personally know and appreciate Frédéric Cotton – the lead singer of The Ultimate Dreamers. Frédéric is also the organizer of the Fantastique.Nights, and I myself was part of the team that supports him for a while. You know I may be biased, though that doesn't mean I'm being disingenuous in recommending this record.Frédéric had already told me that he was the singer of a group in the 80s, so there was already a certain mythology built up around The Ultimate Dreamers. But my estimation was that perhaps only very amateurish recordings of this remained. So I didn't expect that a record would ever be released, although I am very happy to finally be able to listen to this group that I had already heard about.And admittedly: the recordings are really a bit amateurish. On several songs the vocals are barely audible, although that varies throughout the record. On opener 'I Love You' or 'No Matter' you have trouble understanding a word, but on most other songs that is no problem at all. Usually the instruments are clearly audible and distinguishable.The Ultimate Dreamers have never moved into a studio. The recordings on this record are taken from recording sessions in the members' bedrooms or from the group's rehearsal room. They have now received a professional treatment and mastering in a studio, so the sound quality is not that bad. And of course a thorough selection was preceded by which only the best eleven of the fifty numbers that were excavated were left.The Ultimate Dreamers existed from 1986 to 1990. They originated in Lessen, a town in Hainaut where, according to the group, there was little to do at the time. The group gave about fifteen performances in the region and even organized a real alternative festival in Lessen. In 1990, the group broke up after several members moved on to other projects.The existence of the group can roughly be divided into two periods: a first period as a synthpop trio with Frédéric on vocals, Joël on synths and Laurent on bass; and a second more rock-oriented period as a quintet with Laurent on drums, Bertrand on bass, Joël and Stéphane on synths and Frédéric on guitar and vocals.Most of the songs on this compilation are from the first period, which I would describe as dark sythpop. Often the songs were recorded in 1987 and 1988. Perhaps we can refer to Depeche Mode, New Order, but especially to OMD, whose influences on songs 'Laughing Furniture' and 'No Matter' are really audible. (Or maybe it's that prominent bass.)'I Love You' has a pulsating beat that makes it very danceable. The sugary sweet 'Japanese Death', which of course deals with the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is certainly a highlight from this period, with its repetitive synth tune over which other layers of synths make the whole very dreamy. The French-language 'S'envoler' is a fine closing track that also moves into calmer waters.I may have scared you when I labeled the second period as 'rock', but know that it is still very clearly wave, even if there are heavier guitars and drums. In fact, songs like 'Funeral Waltz' and 'I Hate You' I would count among the highlights of this record, because with the extra musicians there were also more complex structures that do not miss their effect here.Today you could speak of a third period in the existence of the group, because with the release of the album the group was re-established. They'll be playing older songs from The Ultimate Dreamers – including songs that couldn't be included on the record due to sound quality – but if I'm right they'll also want to write new work.We certainly wish to see them live, and there will be many opportunities to do so in the coming months. As mentioned, this record is mainly aimed at those who still diligently continue to search for gems from the 80s, and they will certainly appreciate 'Live Happily While Waiting For Death'. The group calls itself The Ultimate Dreamers, and I have indeed started dreaming about it.
Schwarzes Bayern 14/10/2021 [review]
Belgian fairy taleOnce upon a time in Lessinnes, Belgium, the birthplace of the famous painter and surrealism representative René Magritte, more precisely 1986. Three teenage friends start a band out of boredom, The Ultimate Dreamers. They are enthusiastic about Belgian cold wave and English post punk and start in the constellation with Frédéric as singer, Laurent on bass and Joël who operates the synthesizers. Two years later, bassist Bertrand and Stéphane join the synthesizers, while Laurent changes to drums and Frédéric has discovered the guitar for himself. In 1990 they finally recorded a tape on their own, but it couldn't go any further. The band and especially this C-60 cassette are forgotten.But then Corona comes, and like so many others, the lockdown is cleaned up and the missing audio document is rediscovered. Restored and remastered, The Ultimate Dreamers are 31 years late in presenting their debut album Live happily while waiting for death. The story behind it seems somehow fairytale.Right at the beginning, “I love you ?!” really puts you down. No lengthy intro, no skirmish, the minimal synthwave jumps right in your face or in your legs. When the singing starts, it is monotonous and unemotional and clearly influenced by Cold Wave. This is a great combination that should definitely be heard in the clubs. “Japanese death” also strikes this notch, but overall it sounds darker and somehow more subtly orchestrated. I wonder whether the delicate melody in the background comes from a glockenspiel, or whether it was even played with glasses. Overall, the atmosphere is similar to that of “Last dance” from Trisomie 21. “Never die”, on the other hand, starts with a very cool, reverberant double sound like an alienated snare that runs through the entire song and gives it its structure. This is accompanied by solemn organ tones and the sad singing of Frédéric. It gets a little more danceable in “Female zone”, which with its spherical synthie carpets is completely devoted to the New Wave. "That sounds really like the eighties," it shoots through my head. Oh, yes. “Education” is purely instrumental, because the only text on the synth music consists of an industrial noise sample. Perhaps this is also an extremely alienated language contribution, I can't possibly commit myself to that. The “Funeral walz” is based on a nice little melody. The vocals are added very carefully, creating a dreamy atmosphere.Then the classic three-piece ensemble of bass, guitar and drums surprised me in its distinctiveness in “I hate you ?!”, which is a real counterpart to the opener. With Post Punk, the piece practically introduces the side of the record, and in the constellation this continues directly in “A long time ago”. In contrast to the previous track, however, it is the drums that set the tone here. Something in “Laughing furniture” reminds me on the one hand of 'Here are the young men' by Joy Division, on the other hand of “Love is a shield” by Camouflage, which probably came about later. I can't understand why anyway, because at the same time the song sounds very independent. I am particularly fascinated by this cuddly singing that has been taken to extremes, as if wrapped in cotton wool for the chorus. Post punk and synthwave unite in "No matter" before experimenting again with "S’envoler" at the end. Crazy-sounding laughter mixes with the rustling noise of airplanes, and everything merges into drone-like sounds and wind noises. Synths and solemn vocals round off the track.Conclusion: And if they haven't died, then they are still alive today. Fact, because The Ultimate Dreamers are back and there is a chance to see the band live too, if Covid allows it. The band has already made its first appearances. The honor is due to them late, but you can confidently put Live happily while waiting for death on the shelf on an equal footing between Trisomy 21 and The Neon Judgment. A pearl of the Belgian Cold Wave has been rediscovered, which captures the special sound of the time.Playing tips: I love you?!, I hate you?!, Laughing furniture
Music In Belgium 6/10/2021 [concert review]
The list of musical trends adorning the CaliClub logo (jazz-funk-soul-folk) did not prevent our Saturday from turning frankly dark. Indeed, on the stage of the room located in Drogenbos, two groups celebrating the release of their first album, The Ultimate Dreamers and Partikul.While the second nominees released "Related Memories" digitally at the start of the summer, the vinyl version arrived just in time to hit the merchandising booth. It is therefore with peace of mind that the Brussels duo started the debates this evening. On the one hand, a bearded guitarist and on the other, an expressive hackneyed keyboardist.They evenly divide the vocals in radically different styles: stuffed with reverb and drowned for him, assertive and loud for her, a bit like Barbara Lehnhoff in Peter Kernel. A winning complementarity which, despite a rather messy appearance on stage, takes the compositions to rougher regions than in the studio. Mention to the turbulent "Free Dolls" and the subtly constructed "Goldmoon". What do these two titles have in common? A guitar put forward ...An instrument absent from the equation during the debut of The Ultimate Dreamers on the side of Lessines in 1986. Indeed, Frédéric Cotton initially focuses his project around a synth, a bass and a drum machine. . Two years later, the latter gave way to drums as a guitar appeared, giving the ensemble a more muscular appearance. But after a handful of concerts and a series of demos, the story goes into brackets.Thirty years later, it will experience an unexpected extension thanks to or because of successive confinements. Said demos are found, remastered and partially compiled on an album called "Live Happily While Waiting For Death". Published on Wool-E Discs, it unveils the self-produced recordings of the time, including ardor, spontaneity and technical limitations.Tonight, they are back on stage for the first time since the end of the Cold War and will begin their set judiciously with a solid “A Long Time Ago”. Besides Frédéric, dressed in an elegant sober suit behind sunglasses (for the intro title only), there are two other original members: guitarist Bertrand Evrard (very focused) and bassist Joël Grigolato (rather extrovert). Behind them officiates the generous haired keyboardist Sarah Boom (the voice of Turquoise).In addition to a ubiquitous drum machine, a second guitarist will embed the space of a few tracks at the heart of the performance. But immediately, it is four and hyper concentrated that they embark on "The Game", one of the first summits of the evening, close to the beginnings of New Order, at a time when the transition with Joy Division n 'was not quite effective yet (no wonder the Factory Records label was thanked in the album's credits). At the end of the set, "No Matter" will officiate in the same cold and nervous vein while "The Big Violent One" will be on the side of the Sisters Of Mercy if by chance Andrew Eldritch had asked Vince Clarke to compose a hit for him. .Overall, the clips from "Live Happily While Waiting For Death" received a shock treatment synonymous with freshness and maturity on stage. We think in particular of the extended break of "Female Zone" and the jerky "I Love You ?! »Without guitar or bass but with generous strobe effects. Or even hovering and kidnapped "Japanese Death" despite its bizarre finale. Only "Never Die" which seems to be missing something will remain below expectations. On the other hand, some songs with recordings that cannot be used on disc will stand out live, "Happiness" and "Wanna Be My Cat" in the lead.Among the surprises of the evening will be three covers, including an almost unrecognizable "Hell's Bells" by AC / DC in cold wave sauce coupled with a line reminiscent of "Policy Of Truth" by Depeche Mode. The “Shine On” version of House Of Love will be more classic (and particularly successful). As for that of the Cure's "Lovesong", it will end the recalls with a voice from beyond the grave even darker than that of Robert Smith.Just before, the very successful "Laughing Furniture" and its heady synth layers will display the qualities of a composition that we would have liked to see recorded and produced in a Berlin studio at the end of the 80s. Who knows, maybe. be it today among the classics of Club New Wave and other Fantastic.Nights ...
BLITZ! 5/10/2021 [review]
Originally from Lessines in Belgium, the birthplace of René Magritte and Louis Scutenaire, the group The Ultimate Dreamers had composed and recorded many pieces themselves between 1986 and 1990.Now reformed, the combo announces the release of a new 11-track album, "Live Happily While Waiting For Death", scheduled for September 20, 2021 on the Wool-E Discs label.The compositions are pure post-punk, influenced by Belgian groups of the 80s, but also by their British colleagues.The melancholy is always present thanks to a skilful use of the synthesizer, variable according to the titles (very beautiful "Female Zone"), and the music remains dancing thanks to the inventiveness of the rhythm section, very effective.The album is preceded by a single, "I Love You?", Which can be viewed on YouTube.
daMusic 4/10/2021 [review]
Don't be too quick to say that the covid-19 pandemic cannot have positive consequences! Thirty years after the departure of The Ultimate Dreamers, a cold wave and post-punk inspired formation from Lessines, the plan began to mature to finally officially release their artisanal taped material. And so it is that in 2021, under the motto "better late than never" (or was it "the ultimate dream"?), we can still meet this group.You could describe 'Live Happily While Waiting For Death' as ​​a revival album, because the eighties repertoire of The Ultimate Dreamers was completely restored and remastered for this belated debut album. Since one had to rely on cassettes for this, the sound quality is not always good. Thirty-five years ago (when the band was founded) A Long Time Ago remains, to say it with one of the best tracks on this disc. One of the more guitar-oriented and most melodic songs we hear here.Opener and first single I Love You?! sounds completely different. This song seems to be an exercise in minimal synthesis and is especially notable because of the thin, difficult to understand voice of singer Frédéric Cotton. Quite repetitive and full of reverberation, but ultimately quite danceable. Funeral Walz is a calm, quite poppy (cold)wave song, just like the midtempo Never Die.At the time of I Hate You?! The Ultimate Dreamers had already evolved from a trio to a quintet and also to a somewhat heavier sound. In this song we hear not only electronic beats, but also real drum rolls. Finally, a special mention for the catchy Education, a predominantly instrumental synthpop tune with strange, distorted vocals, and for the drawn-out closing track S'envoler. That atmospheric track stays with us for two reasons: the spooky intro with crazy laughter and it is also the only French-language song on the album.The band, in its new configuration (with three survivors from the eighties), supplemented by keyboard woman Sarah (Turquoise, ex-Les Panties, ex-Empereur), will present this 'Live Happily While Waiting For Death' to an audience in Roeselare, among others. Brussels and Eernegem.
Gothic Culture Magazine October 2021 [article/interview]
Peek-A-Boo 29/09/2021 [interview]
The Ultimate Dreamers ended in 1990. What led to the end of the band?Like many other bands, we didn't split up. We should rather speak of a long pause than of an end. Laurent first left us to devote himself to other projects he was leading in parallel, notably with a noisy pop group (it was the beginning of the 90's) called Mosaic Eyes, which had some success. In the process, Bertrand decided to quit for family reasons. After testing a few substitutes without success, I got a little discouraged and focused on my studies. Joël continued with many very varied projects: bands, a label and even a wrestling career!Now you are releasing a compilation of The Ultimate Dreamers: ‘Live Happily While Waiting For Death’. If I understand correctly, you took the time during the lockdown to browse your archives for the last remnants of the group. Is it correct?It's almost that. In 1990, I made a little “best of” cassette that had been lying around among my CD's, near my Hi-Fi system. A few years ago, Dimitri (from Wool-E Discs) had learned that I was part of a band and asked me to listen, but I did not follow it up. During the corona crisis, so much happened that I finally decided to digitize the tape. I posted a few snippets on facebook, with amused and interested reactions as a result, and sent them to Dimitri. He quickly suggested that I should release an album, much to my surprise. I then searched to find the original recordings...
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Snooze Control 29/09/2021 [review]
Wool-E Discs dug up a hidden musical treasure from the 80s. Founded in 1986, The Ultimate Dreamers bring cold wave and post-punk and finally get the chance to remaster their original 80s songs as an album.In 1990, The Ultimate Dreamers fell asleep while dozens of artisanally cassette-recorded songs were left lying in the closet. Thirty years later, the recordings resurfaced. When Dimitri, owner of the Wool-E Discs label, found out about this, he immediately offered them to make an album. After a strict selection and mastering, 11 tracks are released as “Live Happily While Waiting For Death”. In the meantime, the band itself was also resuscitated, albeit in a modified composition. So hopefully we get to see them live too.I Love you?! immediately makes you want to dance. Synths and drums dominate this song. The recording isn't great due to the limitations of the recording equipment of the 80's, but this gives the song character and authenticity. The vocals are an asset and you also notice that on Japanese Death, which is otherwise a nice depressive cold wave song. Never Die is a cumbersome tug that slowly rocks you to sleep with tears on your cheeks. Female Zone sounds like it was shot in a real bat cave. A little echo sounds very natural in this environment. At Education, the band crawls under a warm blanket with you. The sound seems muffled but creates a safe hiding place under the bedding. Funeral Walz provides a relatively cheerful dance step under a rain of falling autumn leaves. I hate you?! Sounds even more cheerful and energetic. The masked ball derails and there is already the next number. On A Long Time Ago the band shows its teeth and places an exciting biting kiss on your neck. Laughing Furniture is a lot less ecstatic and lures you down a dark alley. Regardless, the Cold War bunker sound continues to fascinate. No Matter continues to surf on cold waves. The whiny vocals cannot convince completely, but I keep humming along. On S'envoler you literally hear the sound of the waves, next to the bitter wind and crazy laughter. This can count as an intro for this song sung in French, where you can imagine a dejected drunken and half-drunken Serge Gainsbourg.The Ultimate Dreamers was a band that had something to offer, judging by the strong songs on this album. “Live Happily While Waiting For Death” turns out to be first and foremost a unique time document of underground post-punk and cold wave from the 80s. You should therefore take in the bunker sound and atomic basement reverberation of the Cold War. This sound is most likely very unusual for young listeners, but to me it gives a sense of character and authenticity.
Unter Ton 29/09/2021 [review]
The songs of "Live Happily While Waiting For Death" by the Belgian formation The Ultimate Dreamers are a bit further back. How, dear reader? Never heard of it? This is not a shame, because the band from Lessines (the birth town of the painter René Magrittes, as the troupe informs on their band page) actually made a really very small circle of friends between 1986 and 1990 with some self-distributed cassettes.35 years later - and also thanks to Corona - the old recordings reached Dimitri, who runs the Woll-E Discs label and was so enthusiastic about the recordings that he wanted to make them accessible to a wider audience. Frédéric (vocals) and Joël (synthesizer) then selected eleven representative songs from the archive that are to be re-mastered on "Live Happily While Waiting For Death".Dimitri's decision was spot on, because The Ultimate Dreamers are one of many bands that, in the wake of the huge post-punk wave and limited release options, have not received the attention they should have received. You can certainly tell the age of the pieces. The muffled inclusion of "Education" is such an example. Everything just sounds like it was recorded under a diving bell.Otherwise, the faulty technology breaks through in the songs. Here the sound crumbles away, the tap noise is almost louder than the music and the rattling of the tape cannot save even the best restoration. But it is precisely this imperfection that makes "Live Happily While Waiting For Death" so exciting. After all, the ailing post-punk, which cultivates the aesthetics of transience, also fits the decomposed sound of old recordings like a fist on the eye. In addition, the DIY character is so wonderfully present in these pieces, which Frédéric intensifies even further with his singing, which is inexperienced but not afraid to go fully into emotion.No: The saying that everything was better in the past won't come out of your mouth. But you can already say that there was a lot undiscovered back then that is still worth listening to today. In any case, it's better than to perish in a box somewhere in the attic without hearing.
Music in Belgium 28/09/2021 [article/review]
There are a lot of bands in the history of music that threw in the towel for a variety of good reasons before they even recorded an album. Rare are those who still manage to take the plunge later, while those who take it out after more than thirty years can be counted on the fingers of one hand...Among them are now The Ultimate Dreamers who publish their first plate, "Live Happily While Waiting For Death" at Wool-E Discs, the Ghent label which had notably put on our road the excellent Lagüna and Disorientations. Made up of a selection of eleven original compositions recorded at home by the group in the second half of the 1980s and remastered for the occasion, it offers a fairly faithful shot of a post-punk scene with a cold wave tendency that perhaps never been so relevant.Flashback. We are in Lessines, a place where not much was happening from a musical point of view in 1986 (twenty-four years before the first edition of the Roots & Roses festival, in a completely different style). Three teenagers influenced by the dark scene of the time led by Frédéric Cotton form The Ultimate Dreamers by focusing their sound on icy synths. A little later, there are five of them and they add fuel to the debate by replacing the drum machine with real drums on the one hand and incorporating a guitar into the equation on the other.In 1990, the adventure ended more because life decides it than for lack of desire or interest. Everyone goes about their projects, their studies or their passions. Frédéric notably honed his skills as an event organizer, becoming in the 2000s the driving force behind the famous Fantastiques.Nights and other Club New Wave parties.Everything could have ended there if the health crisis linked to the coronavirus had not dried up agendas and freed up time. Initially presented as nods, social media posts, whether archival photos or videos, quickly found a resonance with the community, encouraging them to dig into their archives. to dig up a bunch of cassettes. Now digitized, part of their content can be found on “Live Happily While Waiting For Death”.Among these are potential underground hits such as “I Love You ?! "And its electronic tablecloths," Female Zone "and its heady bass or" Laughing Furniture "and" No Matter "which could have been a hit on the dance floors at the time. But the nervous "I Hate You ?! "And" Long Time Ago "take them away from a dated niche. Well, obviously, everything is very dark, even creepy ("Japanese Death", the final "S'Envoler" in French in the text) but the reverse would have been unnatural and the relative imperfection of the recordings gives them a certain charm.
Snooze Control 26/09/2021 [review]
The Ultimate Dreamers are a post-punk / cold wave band from Brussels (original from Lessines) who worked on some demos between 1986 and 1990. The demos got revamped and remastered. On the 1/10/2021 you will be able to buy a physical copy via Wool-E Discs / Dans les Profondeurs as a vinyl, CD. You will also be able to buy it digital.The story goes that their singer (Frédéric Cotton) was cleaning out his house and found the old demo’s. He posted about it on Facebook and pretty fast question came to launch it after an auditive cleaning up. Right after the launching there will be some gigs and maybe even new material (some new gear was bought and the band is very enthusiastic). They even found a vocal coach and drive it out towards an almost professional way of going on! It gets really serious!The first track is called I Love You?! The song starts like an electronic cold wave track with electronic drums and a synth. The vocals sound like sung in a cave with a lot of echo on it (making it hard to understand the vocals). I’m sure it will sound much better on stage (if Fred goes for clean vocals and no echo effect). The tempo is good and gives the song the right touch. Japanese Death brings in an heavier feeling and more darkness. This time the vocals are understandable. I can hear the French accent in some words (not as bad as what you hear when you listen to Soko, but still). Knowing their singer he will work on it by the time he jumps on stage for the first time in 30 years! The sound is ok, the tempo is very slow and goes well will the lyrics. Never Die sounds a bit like the darkest tracks of The Cure (Pornography). The second voice jumps in for the first time and gives the song a classic touch. The outro is very 80’s too. Female Zone goes a bit faster with the synth upfront and a clear bas. The song is almost catchy. Education mixes a great bas with a good synth sound. For the first time you nearly hear the vocals (except for some words and they are like deformed by a machine). Funeral Walz has something special and is so far the best track on the album. It has potential. The name of the track describes what the song is: a funeral Walz! The vocals are the best from all the previous songs! I Hate You?! Brings in for the first time a clear guitar sound and a strong sound! It’s as if the best tracks are coming in the end! It’s a good cold wave track! A Long Time Ago brings in more guitars and a good bass! I think I even hear a real drum? I like the phrase: “We save the day when we don’t suck”! I even hear a slice of Siglo XX in it (drums and bass)! Laughing Furniture has the funniest title of the album. The bas is great again, whilst the synth is a bit too much upfront. The vocals are ok. I think I need the lyrics to understand this song completely. No Matter starts like a typical Siglo XX track. The main difference are the vocals. The last track has a French title: S'envoler. The song is also sung in French, whilst the wind is blowing really hard and gives it some kind of a doomed feeling. The synth sounds very sad too. It’s not the happiest song to end an album and according to my wife the worst song of the album. But hey: we all have our own taste and our own idea's of what is good and what is bad. Don't forget that this recording is how they sounded 30 years ago! This also means that they have grown, acquired more experience, got better gear ... So enjoy with this last phrase in mind whilst listening to it!
Dark Entries 26/09/2021 [interview]
The 80s haven't released all their secrets yet. Take The Ultimate Dreamers. They played on the stages of Lessines and surroundings from 1986 to 1990, but they never released a record. Until now. After a dive into his archives, singer Frédéric Cotton - also known for the Fantastique.Nights concerts and the Club New Wave parties in Brussels - found enough songs to release a record, and it is published by Wool-E Discs and Dans Les Profondeurs. In addition, the group is being reformed and will play several concerts in the coming months, starting with the release concert at the CaliClub in Drogenbos on October 2nd.
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Shoot Me Again 26/09/2021 [article]
Listening to the Ultimate Dreamers' debut albumThe Ultimate Dreamers' debut album from Brussels (post-punk / cold wave), Live Happily While Waiting for Death, released today, can be listened to in full below.It was recorded between 1986 and 1990 and restored and mastered this year by Frédéric Alstadt (Mont Analogue).
Link 24/09/2021 [article]
Comeback in full force.The name The Ultimate Dreamers appeared on the music scene in the mid-1980s. At that time, a group of musicians came together in the Belgian city of Lessens, inspired by the Belgian cold wave and the British post-punk scene.They recorded a few songs, but then the water closed over them. Thirty years later, however, their recordings reached Dimitri of Wool-E Discs. He immediately offered the band a contract and in the end it was not just about the excavations. The band is working again and there is even a new album "Live Happily While Waiting For Death" in the world. It will be officially released on October 1, and the first single for which a music video was made was called "I Love You ?!". The footage from the film "Olga's House of Shame" served as his basis.
Link 20/09/2021 [article]
Picture it: Lessines, Belgium, mid-1980s. The once-vibrant city that saw the birth of surrealist artists such as René Magritte and Louis Scutenaire had crumbled into a musical desert. Three friends decided to create a band comprised of voice, bass guitar, and analogue synths, welcoming two more into the fold soon afterward.Calling themselves The Ultimate Dreamers, the group were influenced by Belgian coldwave and British post-punk music, but the teenagers forged their own paths. Between 1986 and 1990, they wrote and self-recorded numerous tracks at home before calling it quits. The band’s frigid, organic tones and melancholy melodies (often verging on the dissonant) serve as a backdrop for themes of raw dreams, distressed love, and social criticism. The result is reminiscent of The Neon Judgement, Section 25, Minimal Compact, and Trisomie 21.Thirty years on, the recordings resurfaced during the Covid era, and they were brought to the ear of one Dimitri: the record label magnate behind Wool-E Discs. An album deal was immediately offered to the long-defunct band. The Ultimate Dreamers have been resurrected, including three original members and a new inductee, exhuming, resuscitating and enriching their repertoire with new creations. After selection and mastering, 11 tracks became Live Happily While Waiting For Death, out today.“I Love You?!”, the first single off the album, is a highly catchy and strange minimal synth and post-punk track. The video clip for the song takes imagery from the cult sexploitation film Olga’s House of Shame.
Snooze Control 19/09/2021 [interview]
The band was active between 1986 and 1990. Can you tell us: in what kind of places did you perform live and where did you record the demo’s?We mainly performed in our region. Firstly in Lessines where we created a yearly underground festival, then elsewhere in Hainaut for different kind of events. We only gave about 15 concerts. The demos aren’t real ones. The idea was to keep a trace of the songs but we never aimed to publish these recordings. We recorded most them in Joël’s bedroom and in mine and the last ones in our rehearsal room.
Any funny stories from back then? Or misadventures?We had a song we made for fun that was called “Fucking the Funk”. It was some kind of synth punk song including a Deep Purple riff! That song was working well live and people loved it. Once, at a festival, an aggressive guy came to me and said: “I love funk music, I already saw you and I don’t like you. If you play “Fucking The Funk”, you’ll have problems with me! When we came on stage, I wasn’t sure we would play the song but some people asked for it so much that we finally did it. After the show, the guy catched me on the parking lot and threatened me with a knife! Fortunately, I was rescued by my girlfriend 😊
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Heart & Soul 17/09/2021 [article]
In 1898, in the Belgian Lessines, the author of words and things is born - René Magritte, 88 years later, in the birthplace of the famous surrealist, Frédéric, Joël and Laurent, create the group The Ultimate Dreamers. The three friends, the authors of words and sounds, heavily influenced by the Belgian cold wave and British Isles post-punk, use synthesizer, bass guitar and singing to tell their dark, oneiric story of the painful experiences of love, while analyzing and criticizing the general public. In 1988, the band expanded their line-up and instruments - Frédéric, in addition to the vocalist, becomes a guitarist, Laurent swaps bass guitar for drums, Joël continues to operate synthesizers, bassist Bertrand and second keyboardist Stéphane join the trio.For four years of activity, the group composes and records songs independently, and in 1990 it ceased to exist.After thirty years, the Greatest Dreamers wake up and this time they turn their dreams into actions. Eleven compositions are re-recorded. The band records as a quartet - Bertrand - guitar, Frédéric - vocals and Joël - bass guitar, Sarah (Turquoise, ex-Les Panties, ex-Empereur) on keyboards joins the original line-up of the group.On August 31, 2021, the single I Love You?! Is released.The Live Happily While Waiting For Death album, containing new, enriched arrangements, will be released by the Wool-E Discs label - premiere on September 20, 2021.
Obsküre 14/09/2021 [article]
The Live Happily While Waiting For Death album is a new release from the Belgian post-punk / cold wave project The Ultimate Dreamers, where it seems like the craving is back. This album actually compiles demos made between 1986 and 1990, restored and remastered. It will be officially released on September 20, 2021 on the Belgian labels Wool-E Discs and Dans Les Profondeurs, in several formats: vinyl, CD, digital. Something to satisfy fans of an old school, mechanical and dancing sound.This special release prepares the ground for the arrival of a new line-up, the group with coldwave made in Belgium and post-punk UK influences having prepared a tour for this return. The initial grinding had worked from 1986 to 1990, before hanging rest. So it wasn't forever...
Luminous Dash 12/09/2021 [article]
Some good advice is always welcome. And that comes from an unexpected quarter, because the Belgian cold wave band from the 80s The Ultimate Dreamers is making itself heard again. And with a debut album on the Dans Les Profondeurs label.”Live happily, while you wait for death…”The birth of The Ultimate Dreamers dates back to 1986. In the Hainaut village of Lessines – the birthplace of the surrealist painters René Magritte and Louis Scutenaire, but musically a desolate desert – Frédéric (vocals), Joël (keyboards) and Laurent (bass guitar) ) are inspired by the coldwave and post-punk sound. Where their sound initially sounded cold and organic, it evolved into a more melancholic sound, with catchy, dissonant melodies with which they took us through dreams, amorous fears and socially critical reflections. In 1988 singer Frédéric took a guitar and Laurent exchanged the bass for the drums. The band was completed with Bertrand (bass) and Stéphane (keyboards) and immediately started to sound a lot heavier. In 1990 The Ultimate Dreamers fell asleep an entire arsenal of cassette-recorded songs were left in the closet.Thirty years later, the recordings resurfaced. When Dimitri, owner of the Wool-E Discs label, found out about this, he immediately offered them to make an album. After a strict selection and mastering, the album will be released as Live Happily While Waiting For Death on September 20, 2021.The magic of their sound is back. But also the band itself, as a newly composed dream: Bertrand (guitar), Frédéric (vocals) and Joël (bass) entrust the keyboards to Sarah (Turquoise, ex-Les Panties, ex-Empereur). In the meantime, their repertoire has been completely excavated, restored and enriched with new creations…It sounds a bit strange for a 35-year-old band, but their debut album is coming soon! As a foretaste, I Love You?! Already released as a digital single, with accompanying video clip in which images from the cult sexploitation film Olga's House of Shame were processed. A synthwave/EBM track with repetitively thin elements that we expect on the dance floor.
daMusic 10/09/2021 [article]
The Ultimate Dreamers were founded in 1986 in Lessines (Hainaut, Belgium), the birthplace of the surrealist painter René Magritte. The band played cold wave and post-punk, but fell apart after four years. Thirty years later, the band's recordings resurfaced, prompting Wool-E Discs to immediately sign the band for an album.After a strict selection and mastering of the material, the album will be released as 'Live Happily While Waiting For Death' on September 20, 2021. As a foretaste of the album, I Love You? launched as a digital single. The video of this danceable synthwave/EBM track incorporates images from the cult sexploitation film 'Olga's House of Shame'.
COLD EXPERIMENT 10/09/2021 [article]
The Ultimate Dreamers, the treasure of Belgian Cold Wave, which was active from 1986 to 1990, has revived after 30 years and has returned to the modern scene with a new member composition. The album "Live Happily While Waiting For Death", which was announced to be released on Wool-E Discs on September 20, reflects the modern view of life and death from the Belgian scene at that time, and is full of vivid dreams and anguish. Draw love.In 1986, The Ultimate Dreamers was born in Lessinne, Belgium, the birthplace of the Surrealist painter René Magritte. The original members of Frédéric, Joël and Laurent were influenced by Belgian cold waves and UK post-punk and established a desolate organic sound with melancholic melodies on themes such as social criticism. After that recording, I fell asleep for a long time in 1990. However, about 30 years later, during the 2021 pandemic, The Ultimate Dreamers, which was re-excavated by Dimitri, who runs Wool-E Discs, will be revived with the phantom recording.The Ultimate Dreamers, who returned with a new member composition of Bertrand on guitar, Frédéric on vocals, Joël on bass, and Sarah (Turquoise, former Les Panties, former Empereur) on synth, went through song selection and mastering, and "Live Happily While Waiting. We have completed an album of 11 songs under the name of "For Death". The sound that combines aestheticism like Red Zebra, neo-psychedelic feeling reminiscent of The Sound, and romanticism like Diastereomer is the stylistic beauty that Cold Wave mania has sought, and its gloomy and beautiful melody. Everyone will be surprised. If you're a listener looking for a more obscure sound, no other band is better than them. After many years, the rare sound that was born behind the history of Belgium, which is said to be the birthplace of Cold Wave, will finally see the light of day.At Cold Experiment, the high-quality sound source of the cold wave track "I Love You ?!" that decorates the opening of this album was premiered on SoundCloud. This anthem with a sense of speed shows off a momentary and ephemeral wave sound that seems to disappear at any moment.
Dark Entries 25/04/2021 [article]
Today, FC is best known in the scene as the organizer of the Fantastique.Night concerts and the Club New Wave parties in Brussels. But in the second half of the 80s he also had his own new wave group: The Ultimate Dreamers. I only knew the group by reputation, but it turned out that recordings still exist, and Cotton took advantage of the pandemic - in which, as boss of the laboratory for medical chemistry at the Erasmus Hospital, he appeared as an expert a number of times on French-language television came - to delve into his archives.The result is remarkable: enough songs were found to compose a full vinyl, and that record will be released later this year on Dans Les Profondeurs / Wool-E Discs. In the meantime C has already put several songs on YouTube, including this very atmospheric 'Never Die' from 1988. (xk)
BLITZ! 30/03/2021 [article]
The Ultimate Dreamers were a Belgian post-punk / cold wave group active between 1986 and 1990.Good news, the project has just announced its reformation and the release of a compilation album (vinyl & CD) at the end of 2021 on the Belgian label Dans Les Profondeurs / Wool-E-Discs.These two excellent songs will allow us to wait for the release of the album, which we can't wait to hear!
COREandCO 21/03/2021 [article]
The Ultimate Dreamers has uploaded 2 videos "Japanese Death" and "A Long Time Ago" that we will find on the compilation of the Belgian group (active between 1986 and 1990) which will be released at the end of the year on CD and LP via In The Depths and Wool-E Discs
Dark Entries 01/02/2021 [article]
For a long time it was kind of a mythical group, one that we only knew the reputation of but had never heard of music from. The Ultimate Dreamers was the group of FC at the end of the eighties - more specifically from 1986 to 1990 - now the organizer of the excellent Fantastique.Night concert series (oh, how we look forward to being able to attend these performances again).But the lockdown has made Frédéric go back to photos and old recordings of the group, which are now being made public. What's more, a vinyl of The Ultimate Dreamers will soon be released on the Dans les profondeurs/Wool-E Discs label. The first song from the album is called 'Japanese Death' and has been given a suitable clip on YouTube. The sound reflects the atmosphere of an underground synth pop group from that time. Not perfect, but catchy. (xk)